Thousands Who Belong Under the Sun

by Sionne Neely “We’ve said it before: We don’t like prisons, but we are not afraid of them. There are thousands of innocent people who belong under the sun, not in prison cells, but we will continue with our attempts under any and all circumstances.” ~ Mahienour Elmasry To women rights defenders Yara Sallam, Sanaa […]

For Yara, Sanaa and All Your Comrades

More than a year ago I heard one of India’s most powerful activist poets, K Satchidanandan, recite a poem he had written for Indian activist Irom Sharmila. Sharmila has been on hunger strike for the last fourteen years in protest against the brutal Armed Forces Special Powers Laws. Similar to you –and others like you, in Palestine, […]


“You’ve got rules telling me what to do but is there anyone checking up on you?”   “Activism takes on many forms. I speak out through my music and share wherever I can. This song was inspired by seeing, hearing, feeling stories of injustice. It’s a plight for equal rights for all people regardless of […]