Djingarey Maiga


For many years now, I have lived and worked in Kati, a multi-cultural and multi-religious commune of about half a million people situated about 13 miles from the capital of Mali, Bamako. I serve as the Director of a Malian organisation Femmes et Droits Humains (Women and Human Rights). My organisation seeks to defend women’s […]

Bene E. Madunagu

Bene E. Madunagu

I am Chair of the Board of the Girls Power Initiative (GPI), a Nigerian non-governmental organisation that I co-founded in 1993 to pioneer sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights education for adolescent girls. Through education and training, GPI has encouraged hundreds of young women to stand up for their rights and to understand and […]

Patricia Ann Made

Patricia Ann Made

I live in Zimbabwe, and since 2002, have worked as an independent consultant on a number of initiatives within the Southern African region and beyond. My work involves research on the media’s coverage of events and issues from a gender perspective, compiling and writing handbooks and toolkits for the media and other audiences in the […]

Prudence Nobantu Mabele


I was born in Benoni, in the east of Johannesburg. I am a feminist, a women’s human rights defender and a sangoma (traditional healer). I am the Executive Director of Positive Women’s Network, an organisation that I founded in 1996 to provide a space for HIV positive women to address our economic, educational and health […]

Kyomya Macklean


I work with commercial sex workers, providing support and advocating for their rights with the organisation Women’s Organization Networking for Human Rights Advocacy (WONETHA). It is not easy work to do in Uganda. Women sex workers face violent discrimination from society. People label them “bad women” and ask why they have no so-called “morals”. Yet […]

Demere Kitunga


I am a feminist activist, publisher and writer. I identify as a feminist because my world view is framed from the perspective of women’s rights to equality and human dignity. My life, my work and my relationships are fashioned in a way that allows me to constantly challenge any hindrance to those ideals, including analysing, […]

Jamesina Essie King

I have a passion that drives me to contribute to addressing injustice against women manifested in so many ways, be it structural, traditional, religious or legal, denying them the opportunities to fulfil their potentials, realise their dreams, make and pursue decisions and contribute to the fullest extent to the development of themselves their society, community […]

Musimbi Kanyoro

I am a feminist educator, theologian and activist and currently working as a grantmaker. For the last 30 years I have worked in jobs that have had women at the centre. I view the world through women’s eyes. I have a fi rsthand knowledge through working with women in many geographies, circumstances, and conditions and […]

Asma’u Joda

I am a feminist and a woman’s human rights activist based in Yola Adamawa State in north-eastern Nigeria. I am the founder of the Centre for Women and Adolescent Empowerment, an organisation that works with the community to empower women and adolescents to take responsibility for their own rights, and know their rights and responsibilities […]

Ayesha Mei-Tje Imam

Women’s human rights are essential to democratic, equitable and sustainable development on planet Earth. I promote this belief through research, policy formulation, advocacy, campaigning, and facilitating training and empowerment so people can engage in constructing and demanding gender-fair entitlements. My work covers women’s rights in religious, customary and secular laws and social practices as well […]