Katana Gégé Bukuru


I live in Uvira in South Kivu in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. I work for an organisation called Solidarity Movement of Women’s Rights Activists (Solidarité des Femmes Activistes pour la Défense des Droits Humaines- SOFAD). We work through a grassroots network of over 600 women to end sexual violence and provide […]

Mairo V. (Hajiya) Bello


I live Kano in Kano State, Northern Nigeria. I have worked in a range of professional contexts, including working as a banker for 25 years, a public administrator and a sociologist. As an activist, I have held a range of positions in the labour movement, and have been part of the women’s movement in Nigeria […]

Allen Asimwe

Allen Asimwe

I am a human rights activist engaged in supporting reforms and interventions that promote and protect human rights of all people, in particular women and children. I currently work with the International Human Rights Network East Africa based in Kampala, Uganda; an organisation that supports other governments, non-governmental organisations, donors and United Nations agencies to […]

Carolin Angir

Carolin Angir

I work with an ActionAid International coordinating a project on violence against women in humanitarian emergencies. This project is implemented in Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Sierra Leone, and involves ActionAid’s partners as well as other local and international groups, the United Nations, and governments who have committed to addressing violence in these contexts. […]

Cesnambihilo Dorothy Aken’ova

Cesnambihilo Dorothy Aken’ova

I was a victim of differential treatment as a child. I fought my way through it to get the same educational opportunities as my male siblings. I fought my way over dress codes within the family. I was always defending myself and got physical beatings regularly for asserting myself. I grew up with the capability […]

Marren Akatsa-Bukachi


I wasn’t always a feminist but must have subliminally ingested feminist values from my mother during my upbringing and early life. My mother would not have called herself a feminist but she was a strong woman who believed in justice for women and fought for these beliefs. She was the provincial leader in one of […]

Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi


I am a feminist activist, social entrepreneur, organisational development practitioner, fundraiser, trainer and writer. I am the Executive Director and co-founder of the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), an Africa-wide grantmaking foundation for African women’s organisations. Before I joined AWDF, I worked for Akina Mama wa Afrika, (AMwA) an international non-governmental organisation based in London, […]

Hakima Abbas


I call myself a feminist because I oppose, in words and in deeds, all forms of patriarchal and sexist oppression, heterosexism and homophobia. I see the African feminist struggle as core to the struggle for social justice of our continent and seek to dismantle pervasive patriarchal social systems, relations and institutions both within and outside […]