Quotes from Voice, Power and Soul

Our hope is to allow new readings of Africa’s history by shedding light on the things that women do and say- Abena Pokua Adompim Busia In the fight for women to reclaim their voices I have personally pledged to leave no stone unturned. – Aïssatou Cisse I often find that stigma is informed by ignorance […]

Woman, rise!

(for for my African feminist sisters) Glide the figure eight across these Mnyarwanda hips these Mswahili Mswazi Ashanti Xhosa ride the slow flex and turn mould and build breeeeaaaaaaaathe and transform the rhythmic rebirth of Africa’s daughters Mwalimu, Madiba Lumumba, Nkrumah asanteni sana! but it is our turn now…. Incandescent butterfly woman and river spirit […]

African Feminist Ancestors

On the 14th of November, 2008, AWDF launched the ‘African Feminist Ancestors Project’ at an evening reception hosted by AWDF and representatives from the African Feminist Forum, in celebration of African women’s movements and feminist activism. The ‘African Feminist Ancestors Project’ seeks to document the rich herstory of African women’s struggles for autonomy and change. […]