Feminist Leadership

As leaders in the feminist movement, we recognize that feminist agency has popularized the notion of women as leaders. As feminist leaders we are committed to making a critical difference in leadership, based on the understanding that the quality of women’s leadership is even more important than the numbers of women in leadership. We believe in and commit ourselves to the following:

  • Disciplined work ethics guided by integrity and accountability at all times.
  • Expanding and strengthening a multi-generational network and pool of feminist leaders across the continent.
  • Ensuring that the feminist movement is recognised as a legitimate constituency for women in leadership positions.
  • Building and expanding our knowledge and information base on an ongoing basis, as the foundation for shaping our analysis and strategies and for championing a culture of learning beginning with ourselves within the feminist movement.
  • Nurturing, mentoring and providing opportunities for young feminists in a non-matronising manner.
  • Crediting African women’s labour, intellectual and otherwise in our work.
  • Creating time to respond in a competent, credible and reliable manner to other feminists in need of solidarity and support whether political, practical or emotional.
  • Being open to giving and receiving peer reviews and constructive feedback from other feminists.