Call for Contributions, Feminist Africa Issue 20: Pan-Africanism

Call for Contributions Feminist Africa Issue 20: Pan-Africanism Editor: Amina Mama   The African Union celebrated its 50th  Year in May 2013, under the general theme Pan-Africanism and Renaissance. At the gala and summit, Africa’s Heads of State’s congratulated themselves on the region’s rising GDP ‘s, anticipating a renewed foreign interest. We are already witnessing […]

Video: Prof. Amina Mama on gender, religion and militarism

Following a talk on ‘Global Militarism and the Resilience African Women‘ organised by the African Leadership Centre at the University of Nairobi on the 24th of June, Prof. Amina Mama was featured on the ‘JSO Interview’ where she spoke on Gender, Religion and Militarism. Watch the videos below  

Brazzaville: Congolese women mobilise around gender parity

I used to say with faith that the time will come for francophone women to start extensive mobilization work around women’s human rights issues. Yes, I think the time has now come. Last year young feminists from central Africa gathered in Congo Brazzaville to debate on challenges facing the feminist movement in the region. Together […]

African Feminists

Click below to read Tomupeishe Maphosa’s article ‘African Feminists’ published in IOB Exchange to Change, March 2013, Issue No. 23, pages 16-19 African Feminists – TomupeisheAfrican Feminists – Tomupeishe    

Rosalie Eldora Sindi Medar-Gould: 27th May 1944 – 9th April 2013

I cannot really remember when I met Sindi. I’ve tried hard in the last few days since the news of her death; tried recalling when I met her and under what circumstances and am sure, a sister somewhere would have been witness to our meeting because that was how Sindi was. She gathered us like […]

Capture women’s stories

On the 16th of March 2013, I was a guest on the BBC World Service’s ‘The Forum‘ and was offered the chance to pitch a 60 second idea that could potentially change the world. My idea was very simple. We can change the world by capturing the stories of women. Especially those stories from women […]

Feminists We Love: Leigh Ann van der Merwe

This post was originally shared on ‘the feminist wire‘ Leigh Ann van der Merwe was born in 1982 in Ugie, Eastern Cape of South Africa. Growing up as a gender questioning person, she struggled to conform to typical male gender codes and as a result always felt left out both in family life and at […]

What’s new in African feminisms: Pop, People and Politics

Watch footage of ‘What’s new in African feminisms: Pop, People and Politics’ with Jessica Horn, a founding member of the AFF, writer and women’s rights consultant; Rita Ray, DJ, Presenter and African music specialist; Meklit Hadero, musician, cultural activist, and Senior TED fellow; and Pontso Mafete, Programme Manager for Women and Girls at Comic Relief […]