Why Feminism?

I grew up primarily surrounded by women and listened to conversations on women’s issues. I’ve heard many stories on the struggles of womanhood, and I’ve been advised on the need for strength to face the world as a young woman. Learning to appreciate the culture of feminism was almost a choiceless choice to me. In […]

Uganda Women’s Network update on Youth Minister’s utterance on Rape

In the Daily Monitor of 24th September 2013, Youth Affairs Minister Ronald Kibuule went on record with the notion that women dressed indecently have asked to be raped and suspects who have raped such women should be released. To quote the newspaper he said “If she is dressed poorly and is raped, no one should […]

Victims and Heroes: Nuba Women Struggle in Two Years of War

Nuba women struggle with the current war took several forms. There is the day by day struggle of Nuba women inside the conflict areas, where women living in caves and feeding their children insects and trees leaves, while risking their lives to take long journies to search for clean water and fire woods, the other […]

Promoting opportunities for the emergence of the First Female Chief Judge of Osun State

FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE:  Promoting opportunities for the emergence of the First Female Chief Judge of Osun State The Nigerian Feminist Forum (NFF) calls on his Excellency, Governor Rauf Aregbesola Governor of Osun State to apply the principles of gender equality and fairness to protect women’s human rights within Osun State. Two female judges, Hon. […]

Solidarity statement Against the Killings of Women, Children, and other Civilians in Cote d’Ivoire’ presented to Heads of States of ECOWAS 23 March 2011

His Excellency, President of the Authority of Heads of States and Government of the ECOWAS, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, Your Excellencies, Heads of State and Government of the ECOWAS member states, His Excellency, the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Distinguished Ladies […]

3rd African Feminist Forum: Bella’s ‘story’ from the writing workshop

One of the skills based workshops which took place yesterday was on ‘Writing, writing, writing’ and one of the exercises that participants took part in was a ‘5 minute free non stop writing process’. As part of the learning process a number of volunteers offered to share their stories and we were all blown away. […]