Fatime Khady Faye

I live in Senegal, West Africa. I live in Toubab Dialaw (60 km away from Dakar) in a small fishing village where I am tirelessly committed to the work with women and youth associations. I am a feminist as I have always been gender sensitive from childhood till now. I have always refused to conform […]

Fatma Emam


I was born in Cairo and I live and work in Cairo as a researcher and founder of Nazra for Feminist Studies. I call myself a feminist because I have been through incidents in my life that proved to me that equality and egalitarianism is basic right for everyone, I believe that women suffered and […]

Lona James Elia


I am a Southern Sudan woman, born during the war, grew in the war and brought up her children in exile in Kenya. I came to Kenya in 1993, having studied in Egypt from 1989–1992. Lived in Kenya all this years, came to Juba the capital City of Southern Sudan after the signing of the […]

Simidele Dosekun


I currently live in London but work remotely in Nigeria. I am a PhD student at King’s College, London in the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, focusing on gender. My PhD looks at a new trend of ‘hyper-feminine’ stylisation among young, urban and upwardly-mobile Nigerian women. I am essentially asking who these women […]

Bunmi Dipo-Salami

Bunmi Dipo-Salami

I live in Ado-Ekiti, NIGERIA. I am a public servant. At present, I coordinate programmes and projects bordering on Integration and Intergovernmental Affairs, including MDGs in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The focus of my work includes ensuring the institutionalization of appropriate structures aimed at securing a synergy geared towards the socio-economic development of the State; identifying […]

Yaliwe Clarke

I currently work at the School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics, University of Cape Town. My work entails both teaching undergraduate and post-graduate courses about gender justice in various African contexts and issues. In addition to this, as a board member, I contribute to the work of Isis Women’s Cross Cultural Exchange […]

Fanta Cisse

Fanta Cisse

I was born and I live in Senegal. I am a sociologist and have been a member of GREFELS (a group that does research on women and the law in Senegal) since 2009. I am extremely grateful as GREFELS has created the space for me as a young feminist to work with and engage with […]

Leah Chatta-Chipepa

Leah Chatta-Chipepa

I work as Executive Director for Akina Mama waAfrika in Kampala, Uganda. I am responsible for monitoring the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. I also provide leadership in developing and implementing programs, organizational and financial plans; as well as maintaining effective communications, publicising activities of the organisation, and maintaining sound working […]

Rose Buabeng

Rose Buabeng

I am a Ghanaian and work for the African Women’s Development Fund in Accra as a Programmes Officer-Anglophone Africa. In particular, I am in charge of all applications and reports from English speaking African countries. My role includes reporting, analysis of grant-making activities of AWDF, networking and building relationships with a wide range of partners […]

Codou Bop


  I am a Senegalese scholar and activist on woman’s rights and human rights in general. I am based in Dakar, Senegal, where I serve as the Coordinator for the Groupe de Recherche sur les Femmes ET les Lois au Senegal (GREFELS). GREFELS works on sexuality, sexual orientation, the rights of women with disability, migrations […]