Jessica Babihunga Nkuuhe


I am a Ugandan, and have lived and worked in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Northern Sudan. I am currently based in Nairobi where I work as Executive Director of the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights – Africa. As far back as I can remember, I have always resisted the subordination of women and girls […]

Zawadi Ny’ongo

Zawadi Ny’ongo

I am a feminist because I know no other way to be. I am a feminist because I care. I am a feminist because I just am. I am committed to fighting against every form of injustice, but particularly the kind that creates inequality between men and women. I truly believe that dismantling all forms […]

Maria Nassali


I currently work with the FIDA-Uganda, the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers, as the Chief Executive Officer. I was recruited specifically for the re-branding of FIDA-U to reposition it as the viable and premier women and human rights organisation that it is. I am a feminist because I am a woman and a person of […]

Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe


I became a feminist because I was angry; very angry and filled with positive anger that took a better part of my life. I always felt I had to do something to change the status quo. As a child, I observed how my mother stayed home while my father had a highly successful career. Even […]

Roselynn Musa


I am a Nigerian but have recently moved to Accra, Ghana after many years living in Nairobi, Kenya where I worked as an Advocacy Officer for the African Women’s Development and Communications Network (FEMNET). I now work as Information and Documentation Officer at the African Women’s Development Fund. As an activist, I draw on a […]

Kaari Murungi

Kaari Murungi

I am a feminist lawyer, human rights and democracy activist. For the last eight years I have worked as Executive Director of Urgent Action Fund-Africa, a women’s fund that I co-founded in 2001. UAF-Africa invests in the transformation of the world in which women live. It occupies a unique niche within the human rights and […]

Muadi Mukenge


I live in San Francisco, USA where I work as at the Global Fund for Women as Regional Director for Sub-Saharan Africa. I oversee funding that goes to support courageous women’s rights organisations across Africa who are challenging the status quo. My job also involves bringing the organisations that we fund together to share strategies, […]

Stella Mukasa


I work as a consultant on the legal sector, human rights and governance. My firm espouses strong feminist principles and is currently employing only female consultants. I also teach gender, law and human rights at Makerere University in Kampala. I believe that I was largely predisposed to become a feminist. As a little girl I […]

Sarah Mukasa


I am a feminist activist who is in the business of mobilising resources to support and sustain (in both financial and material terms) the efforts and initiatives led by African women to advance the rights of all women in Africa. I currently work as the Director of Programmes for the African Women’s Development Fund based […]

Maude Mugisha


Even when I did not know about patriarchy, I resisted it in my personal life. I have refused to accept the dominance of male figures. At age six I wanted to start school, however my parents said that I couldn’t, as they wanted me to stay home to look after my baby sister. My two […]